Friday, December 18, 2009

Emmanuel Shall Come To Thee

Learning "Oh Come Emmanuel" for Sunday. I even looked it up in the hymnal to be sure I'm hitting all the right notes.

I think I have it under my fingers. Don't know if it flows yet but I am beyond the "How does that even go?" point. Need to run through the other songs, but that's cool.

Right now, the coolest part is the "ransom captive Israel" line. It's in the scale -- E minor, in case you're curious -- but it doesn't sound scaley.

Expect videos and tab and maybe staff as I work through it.

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MooPig_Wisdom said...

I always wished I, or someone who knows how to, could transpose that melody ... It is difficult for tenor because of the key -- E minor -- there is a note near the end that is too low for tenor [.. yes a tenore am I ..] so go easy on the poor fellows, or let them turn it over to baritones..

E flat maybe?
You are a good hand Mr Direction.