Thursday, February 19, 2009

Not Yet A Review: Jazz Icons

I stopped by my library, as I mentioned, and I went to the videos section, hoping to find something useful. And boy, did I.

Jazz Icons is as of now three series of DVDs with live performances of jazz greats. I have the John Coltrane and Wes Montgomery. I haven't given these deep and full watchings, so I can't tell you that these things are as wonderful as I just know they have to be. There is a preview video available, which I couldn't get to work in Linux.

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Dave Jacoby said...


Thanks for reading my blog. I have tried your metronomes. The first one, the javascript one, was nice but a bit clunky. The second one, the flash one, killed my browser, and the third one required Java. It could just be me, but "this requires Java" has never been an indicator of good user experiences, much less programmer experiences, so I run screaming from it, no matter. Don't even install it if I don't have to. Metronome Online is simple, elegant, and has never given me problems.

It's not that yours aren't good. It's just that I found the one I like. Sorry. said...

Huh. Thank you very much for your comment. That was really exhaustive :). But it's a pity :) First is "clunky". I agree. Second one killed your browser :/ It's the worst info for me. Because it's not my false...(bug in flash player 10. Up to version 9 everything works right. There are a lot of frustrated Flash/Flex developers. Not just me :D ) But newer mind. And third one. It's a pity that you didn't just look at it. Because it is THE ONLY ONE metronome online that gives you meter setting and doesn't fluctuates in tempo. It just cant be done in flash. JAVA is necessary :D But it's your choice. But maybe you could only look at advanced version. It will work without JAVA but without sound.

Best Regards and Cheers :D
Marcin Szpak

PS. once again thanks for your info. It's really important for such developer like me.