Saturday, February 28, 2009

How To Not Suck, Chapter 16: Sing Out

So, last week, I was the guitar player. The only guitar player. Drums, keys, piano and me. With fairly large instrumental times.

And I have to say that I know the chords, I know (for the most part) the choruses, but I don't so much always know the verses.

I might have over-played. Maybe a little.

Yeah, right.

Let's think about playing melodically. What makes up a melody? Well, traditionally, that's the part the singer sings. So, how much do singers go up and down the scale? Let's follow a singer or two.

That's in C, which makes it so easy to talk about. The "Workin' so hard every night and day", it seems, is just all B and C. And that's about the only fast part. If you know your major scale, there should be nothing here that a few passes shouldn't let you figure out.

Which is pretty much what I was doing this morning. Learning how to install the governer on my picking hand.

And hey, I kinda like the song.

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Stratoblogster said...

Here's a singer-- never too late to start...