Friday, February 27, 2009

Look to the upper right of this page. Unless I changed it some time after today (Feb 27), it should say Telecasters are the preferred instruments. What do I mean by that? Telecasters are the preferred instruments. I like all guitars, but I like Telecasters more. I like the body shape. I like the hardtail. I like the control configuration. I like the scale length. I like the tradition they come from. I like the sounds they make.

I'm budgeted to get a new instrument from Rondo when my paycheck comes (I will not get into that story!) and what am I looking at?

NOT a Tele.

A black flamed Les Paul copy. It looks black until it come up under the right light, then the flames come poking through. Man, that's pretty, and $150 less than I was seeing 'em on Rondo before.

What should I do?

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