Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My, Isn't That Interesting

My family does Netflix rather than Blockbuster, because Netflix has instructional vids. Right now, I have the Nils Lofgren disc on Acoustic and Electric Rock Guitar. I've been trying out his thumbpick style, but so far, it isn't taking yet.

And who is the artist interview in the new issue of Premier Guitar? Nils Lofgren.


Don't blame you for asking. Watch any Springsteen video after the Born in the USA tour, it's Nils you see standing off Springsteen's left shoulder. (Or Miami Steve, sure.) You hear him on Neil Young's Unplugged stand. I don't have as much of him as I should, but he's someone to watch and listen to.

But Nils, please, if you ever read this, remember: You need to have neck dots on your Takemine acoustics if you teach on 'em. That's how we know where your fingers are!

It does seem odd to listen to a song written in 1975 asking Keith to not kill himself, after growing to love a song written more than 30 years after, about Keith snorting his dad's ashes.


Pribek said...

That is a stunning performance. But, I've had trouble listening to that song for many moons. It was cool, creepy, eerie at the time now, it's pleading to a senior citizen.

I wish he would have held back the lick for something else.

Sammy said...

I hate to nitpick a rock legend, but that's really more a performance than a "lesson".

Sammy said...

Oh never mind. I just went to his website. That's Video 1 of 4. That's the song, with presumably 2 through 4 being the lesson.

Pribek said...

I'm hearing that the Stones have given Woody "The Warning" again, in light of his recent behavior.

Maybe Nils should change it to "Ron Wood Don't Go".

Dave Jacoby said...

But Ron Wood....

Don't get me wrong. I dig Ron Wood. Loved the Face, his work behind Rod the Mod solo, Stones, etc. But Keith couldn't be replaced and Brian couldn't be replaced, and when he was gone, they were never the same band. But Ronnie, he's holding the Mick Taylor chair. Nobody's ever going to sing "She stood just like Darryl Jones", and there's never going to be a "Ten Essential Ron Wood Licks" in the pages of Guitar Player.

Furtheron said...

Not sure if it is still available but his live album "night after night" recorded I think at the Hammersmith Odean is just brilliant. It is buried somewhere in my vinyl collection somewhere unplayed for years, I should drag it out. "beggars day" is the highlight for me on that.

Stratocat said...

I just added a link & plug for this post at my NL post!

Thanks for stopping by!