Thursday, August 21, 2008


At Right is the Fretlight FG-431. Fretlight makes guitars with LEDs in the fretboard that you can switch between scales, and know by the light shining on the neck that you are absolutely, positively in a safe place when it comes to playing.

I think it's a neat idea. Guitar (previously mentioned) kinda wants one. It'd be good for beginners. "That's your scale layed out across all six strings," you can tell them. "Play on the dots and you'll be OK, and eventually you won't need the dots." I don't really want this guitar, but I don't absolutely hate the idea.

Click here you'll see exactly where my problem is. FG-431 Vintage Guitar, it says.

Vintage Telecasters all have that melted-Ibanez headstock and glowing red LEDs in the neck. Vintage Telecasters have USB ports on them. And, to take it the other way, you can't do modern music on a Telecaster.

Lies, I tell you! Lies!!

Anyway, the website price for the Tele is about $600. That's about what a Mexican Tele costs at Guitar Center-type places, if memory serves. This is middle-to-high for a first-time guitar, but reasonable. If any of you wonderful readers bite on this, or have bitten before, tell me about how they work!

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