Tuesday, August 19, 2008

LiveNation Sucks

Robert Randolph and the Family Band is playing this Friday at the Venue Formerly Known As Deer Creek Music Center, along with Third Day and Jars of Clay.

I want to know how much tickets are. The LiveNation website says click here for tickets. I click. LiveNation wants me to log in.

Just to see the stupid prices.



Pribek said...


Kenski said...

Saw them live a couple of months ago. Really great stuff. Goooo! Sign up... sell your soul!

Dave Jacoby said...

I don't know if I can come up with enough to take more than a chunk of the family. But I am tempted.

I haven't been a fan of RR since Sacred Steel Live; I didn't get that CD until after the Word. But since I saw the Word (you don't often see a Bible-looking CD case in the jazz section in Barnes and Noble) I was a fan.

Patrick said...

TicketBastard(tm) says $23.50 for lawn, $28.50 and up for pavilion. There's a deal if you buy four lawn tickets, you get 'em at $18/each.
Third Day is worth the price of entry, but I'd personally be listening to my walkman during Switchfoot.

Dave Jacoby said...

I saw it clearly. Third Day, Robert Randolph, Jars of Clay and Who???? I suppose if I was more plugged in, I'd even recognize the name.

I've heard good things about Third Day and Jars, but I haven't given them more than a cursory listen. I'd be there for RR and accepting of the others, but that's me.

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