Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Potential Upgrade List, with links and commentary

Tele neck pickup cover, Black $10 at Guitar Parts Resource.
Probably the next mod, after the bridge. Should be an easy mod: unsoldering the ground, bending back tabs, pulling off the cover, putting on a new cover, and soldering a new ground directly to the back of the tone pot, because I'll eventually redo the electronics and I'm thinking about a 4-position switch to give me parallel and series, and much of what I read suggests you separately ground the neck PU if you do that.

Schaller Mini Tuners, Black $67 at Stew-Mac.
Not so essential, because it came with about the same, except chrome. But it would follow trend toward the all-black hardware.

Gotoh Schaller-style Tuners, Black $45 at Stew-Mac.
Replacing the real Schallers. My Tele has Gotohs anyway, so this should be a straight conversion. And that's great, too.

Hipshot Extender G2 Tuner, Black $91 at Hipshot.
Also not crucial, but somewhat cool. So much stuff happens with Drop-D these days.

GraphTech nut $7 at Stew-Mac.
I'm OK with my nut, but I am within delta of believing it's too high. I'm told that stock is too high for most purposes. But mostly to make the nut black.

GraphTech string trees $5 at Stew-Mac.
But it isn't only for the blackness of it. I like above-the-nut bending, which is the technique which is ultimately the source for string-pull methods like the B-Bender.

Hipshot Parsons-Green B-Bender $380 at Stew-Mac.
Hipshot B-Bender $190 at Stew-Mac.
This is ultimately where I want to get. I want to bend. I played a Bender at Dave's Guitar in La Crosse, and I know I can make music with one. And I am assured that I could move the Hipshot to bend on the G instead, should I desire. Brad Paisley bends the G, you know. My wonder here is whether the act of cutting so much wood out of my basswood Tele would wreck the body. This is required, I insist.

More a way of saving links than anything else, but comments are always welcome.

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