Saturday, August 23, 2008

Responding to Fondue

Joe Bonamassa vs Rory Gallagher.

I really didn't know either.

I found some of both on the Internet. You can find almost everything on the Internet. Googling artist is a wonder.

Then I put it all on my Creative Zen Stone. No LCD. So I had to guess.

Rory's self-titled album. One Joe song. I could tell the Joe because it shared a stone and style with Sonny Landreth. "So, It's Like That". Like Sonny without a slide.

Rory was good, really good. But I'm not seeing great.

So, for Joe vs. Rory, I say Richard Thompson.


Stratocat said...

Arrrgh! Dave, don't get into that "who's better than who" stuff. It's a total sh*@ fest throughout the web. Nearly every youtube comment thread for a decent guitar vid contains some boneheads arguing about the best guitarist. Guitar forums get pretty messed up with it too.

OR, we oughta create a parody blog of all that stuff... in true Spinal Tap spirit. Got any ideas? ;)))

Dave Jacoby said...

In the years before the web, I was a part of a discussion list. Email and all. Anyway, there was a fan of Vinnie Colaiuta who would regularly post along the lines of "Vinnie Rules! Death To All Who Appose!"

Yeah, those exact words.

Yeah, Vinnie is a great drummer. You didn't get into Zappa's band if you couldn't play. But but everyone rejected him because he was focused on that one.

The blog post that started this is part of Pribek's attempts to start conversations. In general, it's interesting and fun.