Friday, April 24, 2009

Scenes from a Musical Parenthood

Large , a 14-year-old boy: Do you have any more Frank Zappa I can listen to.

Sans , his parent: I have Make A Jazz Noise Here. I have Best Band ... no, wait. That's on cassette. Sorry. I have Yellow Shark, which he composed but didn't actually play on. And, if you want, I have Shut Up And Play Your Guitar on my hard drive. But it's difficult listening.

Large : (enthused) Difficult? How so?

Sans : (cues up "Five Five Five") This is two measures of ... I think 5/4, then a measure of 5/8. I have problems finding the beat on it, and end up just getting lost in it.

(track plays to completion)

Large : Ummm. Yeah. Can I just take Make A Jazz Noise?

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