Thursday, April 23, 2009

The After picture for the Before part, the Before picture for the After part

Not quite perfect, but pretty good for now. Some more work with the Dremel and a wood block and it'll look good. Then I'll strip it, then finish it. Then the rest of my dreams will come true.

I have a soldering gun now (Thank you, Patrick!) and I plan to combine the 4-way switch and the push/pull phase switch , which should get me a Jerry Donahue/Baja wiring. Plus a no-load. And yes, I keep repeating that. I guess the more I repeat it, the more I will it into being.

No-Load Tone Pot
Push/Pull Volume Pot
4-way Switch
1/4" Jack

$45 of parts (above), a little solder and the pickups and you got yourself a a nice guitar.

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