Saturday, April 25, 2009

Friday Night Cage Match/Fondue Party/Evolving Conversation/Dancing About Architecture Substitute Volume 1

As Pribek seems to have neglected to post one, I take it onto myself to form the question.

Joe Pass or James Burton ?

As always, pluck the strings with your fingers as well as whatever pick you might have, then go to Jack Pribek's page, chide him over missing the Fondue Party, and click play on the music player located in the side bar. Personally, I'd cue up "Cannonball" but you know how I roll.


MooPig_Wisdom said...

Thanks Mr Sans.
Two working class guitarists who make it so easy to be hard. Joe Pass is a lovable guy, who has sooo much "cool."

Jim Burton, my God, a Tele-man, ...and from Shreveport ... ?

Pulling my hair out on this. In my simple apish ways, I "try" to emulate both of these styles, when I fancy myself a guitarist. Ouch. Who doesn't want to be like Joe and James? You have picked a doozy to open with... way to go Mr S.

I really must think this one over... I'll get back.

Stratoblogster said...

Picked a good one here. They're both so important. Let's just say that you win here since I can't pick one over the other. I don't know if this has ever come up before, but why don't we say that whenever someone can't decide, then the originator of the cage match gets a point. So, in other words your (or Jack's) goal is to come up with a matching that we out here in blog land can't make up our minds about.

So Dave, your first cage match right out of the gate-- I give up a point to you. And so far, Pat also forfeits.

Here's an idea-- wonder if Jack would be interested in rotating the Cage Match. Any blogs who wanna participate would have a turn. We could either submit it to Jack to post at his blog or we could host the post at ours on our week. Either way, we'd all need to let our readers know who & where each week. This might help drum up some cross town traffic for everyone's blog.

Whoever can come up with the most cage matches with the most undecided participants is the best match promoter.

Any thoughts??

Pribek said...

First off-I blew it. I thought it was Thursday.
I absolutely love the idea of the rotating cage match. I think it would be a great way to call attention to some of the primo stuff going on at this loose collective that has formed organically.And,you are right Strato in that all involved must hype the host of the week.
I'n not so swift at admin so, we will have to figure that out somehow.

Joe Pass

Dave Jacoby said...

I'll take next week, too, I guess. Gives me a week to prepare.

I have heard the name Joe Pass for good many years, but just recently, on the prompting of Jack, I searched him on Youtube. And good stuff.

I heard James Burton probably long before I knew who he was. My parents had 8-track after 8-track of 50s popular music that were the soundtrack of my life from California to Virginia to Hawaii, covering my time from 4 years old to 12. I am quite sure I had heard something from James' guitar during that time. But the first time I saw him, the first time I knew there was this amazing picker with a paisley guitar, was when I saw the Roy Orbison video, Black and White Night. Final song, "Pretty Woman", goes into a long vamp, where Bruce Springsteen challenges. At the time, I was a big Springsteen fan, owning all his cassettes from the beginning to USA, but even I had to concede that he was bested by the mystery man with the fancy guitar. (I wouldn't know it was pink for quite some time, as the video was in black and white.) Since then, I ran into Elvis' Kojak Variety, then the other Elvis' live music, then Gram Parsons, and I end up going back to the same phrase: "He did that?"

It comes like this: James Burton did a dead-thumb lick on "Suzie Q". John Fogerty stripped the dead thumb and did the version I fell in love with. Arlen Roth did a lesson, breaking it down into pieces. I failed to put the pieces together, and asked Pribek, who pointed me to Joe Pass as a key.

I'll James Burton, simply because I don't know any better.

Gary said...

Hey guys - my jury is out on this one too - gotta do some research - though Burton is bubbling under. Count me in for a tour of duty on the cagematch too.

Pribek said...

This brings to mind a thing I've heard Lou say-"There are two kinds of guitar players in this world; those who learned 'Wildwood Flower' as their first song and then, everybody else".
Lou is of the first variety and I fall clearly in to "everybody else".
Fact is, it makes for a great working relationship in our case.

It's probably an odd notion that Joe Pass helped me unlock a hillbilly box but, however you get there is fine and dandy in my book.

James Burton is a fine player and I would choose him over 99% of the swinging Richards walking around. But, JoePa holds a special place in my heart.

Re:Orbison footage; the funny thing about that is, if you took JB out of the mix and just listened to Bruce's stuff, you'd say "this guy's burning". But, Burton was burning like a magnesium fire.

MooPig_Wisdom said...

Okay, I was stumped yesterday... but I just returned here Mr Sans, to find all this here Kewl Talk.. [Jayne-word]

This morning at work, I am storming around the coffee pot with all kinds of glitterati ideas.. some of you may have noticed, [probably not] our oldest is just thirty and the youngest is just 13.

Spanning all those generations is potential for longer-termed "plans" than most have to make. My secret ambition, though flawed, has been to start a publishing business... but along the way, came Computing Microcosms, and such.

Ask any of them, I'm not a doting father or step-father... but I do have paternal haughtiness. Now that you know more about me than you care to: I would like to ask this consort of sorts if I may use the term "Dead Thumb" as one of my logos.

Anyone familiar with Kiritsu [sp] company structures of Japan: My umbrella is to be called "Dead Thumb Artworks," if okay wid' you artists?
"And so far, Pat also forfeits." Yes... and "James Burton did a dead-thumb lick on 'Suzie Q'."

...and if..
"...Lou is of the first variety and I fall clearly in to 'everybody else'."
.. is true -- someone throw me a life raft...

for all reasons above and below: James Burton and Joe Pass, dead even in my ear.

My milk toast final answer. Your idea to stump the crowd is brilliant evolution of the Cage match... I am in to play. pdnf

Dave Jacoby said...

Bruce certainly died like an aviator that night. He went down fighting.

I should have used "Wildwood Flower" as my crosspicking example. I actually know "Wildwood Flower", in C and in G, but not in a crosspicking style. It certainly was not my first song, so I guess I am "everyone else".

The other guitarist, Tony, comes from the big rock style. Many tall stacks. Multiple multi-effects units. He owns a first-gen Whammy pedal. All about the humbuckers. I've seen him close a worship service playing nothing but sustainer, fuzz and whammy bar. I ... am not that guy. I play most stuff with clean channels. And you know what? we do work well together. We'd almost never play what the other would play.

I am sure he doen't know "Wildwood Flower".