Friday, March 13, 2009

"You Put Your WEED In There!"

I pulled the strings on my brand new SX last night, putting on the Ernie Ball Not Even Slinky strings. I tried to see what I'll have to Dremel off to install the pearloid pickguard. Look what I found while the strings were off! A route big enough to put a humbucker. Sustainer City? Maybe. Macawbertown? Could go that way.

It's got the heavies on, tuned to D. It's my slider, so I don't have to bend, but I tell you, I can do some bending on it.

In conclusion, Wilco, including Nels Cline playing fast.

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Furtheron said...

handy being prerouted... you could easier experiment with a humbucker or a P90 in there keep the original p/up and scratchplate and easy to return to orig spec in future id required.