Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Not Silent, Not Grey

Sunday was the day. Arrived at 7:45 to get my gear in order. There is something decidedly unnatural about musicians doing anything at 8 am besides sleep, isn't there?

We have two services. First service went well, with only one mess-up. Two songs then a choir piece, with a little bit of music as a bridge. We kinds went into the post-choir song instead of going with the pre-choir song. We were building up and stretching out and had to stop cold. We left, talked through the issues during the sermon, then went back for the post-service. The bassist hadn't played that song before, never practiced it, so he sat out. This meant I could "reclaim" the bass band of my EQ!

Second service? That was cooler. The choir was on it more, the transitions were smoother, our dynamics were more distinct. It was almost like the guitars action got lower and the strings got lighter. All around, it was a great thing. They were the thundering herd, but they thundered together and I thundered with them, so it was good.

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