Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How I Learned To Quit Worrying And Love The Treble

I like my acoustic guitar. It's a big dreadnaught, with that big boom that's great when you want it and surprising when you hit it by accident. It has a piezo, and when I play out I try to EQ it so it sounds like the real acoustic tone for that thing. And thus I have never ever ever been happy with the tone.

As mentioned, I'm playing rhythm (read "jangly acoustic") with the rumbling herd now. While we were jamming before practice really started, I kicked in the B setting on my multi-effect's acoustic patch. I have never liked that sound, because it gets all the fuzzy sizzle. If you want to jangle, get yourself a Rickenbacker, rename yourself Roger and be done with it, I say. But the bassist said he could hear me much better, so I stuck with in and decided to make the best sizzle I could. Which, in part, meant I had to take the bass slider on the preamp EQ from 10 to 0. And I sounded better.

The really interesting thing was I only really was happy with the sound once I swapped from the Dunlop 2mm Gator Grip pick to the Dunlop 1mm Ultex pick. I would not have figured this would make that much difference, but things only really came together once I made the switch.

I'd still rather be hitting the lead parts, but I'm hearing my place in the whole a lot more, which has given me much more peace with it.

UNRELATED PERSONAL NOTE: Jack, do you have tab available for "Cannonball"?

UNSOlICITED ENDORSEMENT: Dunlop Ultex picks. The ones with the rhino.


E -2-3-5--5-3-5--7-5-5--3-3-2-3--3-5-7-7-7---------
B -3-5-7--7-5-7--8-7-7--5-5-3-5--5-7-8-8-8---------
G -------------------------------------------------
D -------------------------------------------------
A -------------------------------------------------
E -------------------------------------------------

E -9-7-5-3-2--3-5-7-7-2---7-5-3-2-2--3-5-3--2-0----
B 10-8-7-5-3--5-7-8-8-3---8-7-5-3-3--5-7-5--3-2----
G -------------------------------------------------
D -------------------------------------------------
A -------------------------------------------------
E -------------------------------------------------

E -7-5-3-2-----------------------------------------
B -8-7-5-4-----------------------------------------
G -------------------------------------------------
D -------------------------------------------------
A -------------------------------------------------
E -------------------------------------------------

Bonus points for the first to name that tune.


Pribek said...

No I've never done a Tab Dave. Actually, I've never tried to write one out for anything. I did go back at one point to "learn" what I played on that track though because we were doing a live version that was pretty close.

Let me ponder the idea.

your eq situation:I suspect that when you dropped your lows, the guitar was more present in the mix because of what you took out. Less fighting over that 250k that makes everybody's instrument feel warm and fuzzy.

If it was me, I'd use the Tele in this case-easier to control and how much of the actual acoustic guitar experience are you putting forth after eqing the nuts out?

When recording an acoustic part I almost always use a thin pick, thinner the better. It's the only time I use them. Tends to fit the mix better but, retains the percussive aspect of the acoustic strum.

Dave Jacoby said...

I can do it myself. I've figured out so far that, that if you can transfer your "Hot Rod Lincoln" boogie-woogie from E to A, you're going to be close. Was thinking "If you had one...", but workingthe process of tearing it apart myself is a good exercise.

You're probably right about the 250K range. And my #1 with the .009s loves that range, too, but the pastor specifically wants the acoustic.

I hate a thin pick because they flop in my hands. Which is why I like my Hot Licks copper picks, because they don't. Thing is, when you go hard with the metal pick, it's like scraping a knife on your string, over and over again. That is, if you hit hard because you're relying on your strong right hand for volume. I know that the softer, rounder Gator Grips contain the attack a lot more than the Ultex.

But Paul Simon says he used a thin pick on "Graceland", just for the reason you mentioned.

Furtheron said...

Plectra - now there's a topic that just goes on and on. Still a point of my set up that I'm experimenting with again - I'm heading heavier just at the moment trying to find the right balance for the majority of playing... a holy grail search no doubt