Friday, May 2, 2008

You don't get out until you get some Soul....

Despite the make of the guitar, I think Stratoblogster will like to see this. They're taking a Fender Baja Tele (with a serial/parallel switch) and they're going to beat the crap out of it.

This could be fun, like the reverse of a build thread on TDPRI. A "destroy" thread. Or, perhaps, un-Pimping the Ride. I'd rather turn my guitar into a Hot Rod than make it into a perfectly-running rusted-out hulk, but there still might be something cool about this.

It's my understanding that this whole relic thing came about because Keef went to Fender to buy some Custom Shop stuff, but he wanted them to look old and beat to crap because "Keef doesn't play new guitars", and Fender thought they could make some money with that. There are worse ideas, although all my guitars (including my Ibanez acoustic with near-scallopped fretboard and truss-rod popping out of the back of the neck) have received their relicing entirely by being used.

Not really on-topic, but Gibson is making a new Les Paul, one where you can pop pickups out the back and change your sound without restringing. They call it the Push Tone, and I can't say it's the worst idea I've heard. As EGR (the guys who'll beat up the Baja) said, the Ampeg Dan Armstrong does this, too. What I find really really interesting is the lack of pictures of the back of the guitar in the gallery. Usually, that's one of the things you expect, even when there's nothing interesting about it, and clearly there's something interesting about this guitar's back.

Back on-ish topic, could you imagine Unpimp My Ride? Taking your car, making it run good and feel right but making it look like you sat it out in the yard for 10 years, backed it into a tree and replaced the right front fender with something out of a junkyard?

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