Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just call it a Stir-Fry, Waka-Waka, Vaguely Insulting Post

This is not what I normally blog on, but it has been bugging me for a while.

Chevy has been pushing it's environmental image these days. "From Gas Friendly to Gas Free". There's a whole bunch of arguments one could make about environmentalism and green-friendly vehicles, and I'm not going to touch on them.

I'll touch on the ads.

You have a bunch of kids. Impressionable. Short attention span. Unlearned. Not serious. They're the environmentalists.

And you have a condescending adult. This is the voice of GM. He's a funny, black condescending adult, but ultimately, he's a condescending adult.

He says "I have a big shiny thing, and it's good for the environment". No evidence. Just proof by vigorous assertion. And the kids say yay! Sometimes he goes to far, showing his contempt: "You can just call it a stir-fry, waka-waka green machine" or whatever.

I don't really have a problem with greenwashing. I object to cut-rate greenwashing. When Subaru says "This is our plant in Indiana. Look how green it is!", I'm fine with it. I drive past it every day and used to park cars there. I have friends who work there. It doesn't look like Grizzly Adams' backyard, like you'd guess from the commercial, but there's a fair amount of woods there. But the Chevy ads scream out "Hey, stupid! Buy our cars!" How can that even work?


Sammy said...

It was GM, only about two or three years ago, as gas prices were well into their second phase of sharp spikes, that was pushing the HUMMER and H2 very hard. I've driven a HUMMER, and it's a useless vehicle. It has less cargo space than a Tahoe, but even worse gas mileage. Useless. At least a Suburban or Tahoe puts the "u" in SUV. A HUMMER is a vehicle driven by douchebags to prove they DO have small penises.

Stratocat said...

How about the latest Ford commercials, saying they are now equal to Toyota in quality.

Dave Jacoby said...

That's a thing. I was raised Ford and I drive a Toyota these days. If they rolled a car that could do 40MPG, I'd look.

That may be a little inaccurate, but Ford never comes out and says "You are as little children, with a little child's petty concerns".