Thursday, May 1, 2008

As A Matter Of Fact, I Can't Even Afford A Rondo , or Etavonni Guitars. It's made of aluminum and carbon fiber, with Planet Waves tuners and Seymour Duncan pickups. Sold for $6700, so, as they advertise, you can't afford this guitar. It seems like a particularly dumb way to sell a guitar, you might think.

Beyond the cost, I have two comments.

First, look at the back.

It's just like any other guitar. It has those nice weight-saving bits, but you screw on the neck like you'd screw on another neck. If you don't do something about the heel, you're selling a fake future, and this is about as advanced as a Fender Broadcaster.

Then, there's the electronics. A stacked humbucker (they say "single coil") in the neck and a standard humbucker in the bridge. Just about a given there, eh? To make the electronics match the look, they should hook in a Graphtech Ghost or a Roland GK-2 or something to connect to MIDI and get banks upon banks of cool and futuristic sounds. Or! You know what would go so well with this kind of futurism? A LightWave system! Optical pickups! That's the future right there!

But what do I know?

Hat tip: Broken Headstock

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