Friday, May 2, 2008

I'm Torn

It all started because I had Google Alerts warn me when the word 'Telecaster' shows up in the news.

A CD review page with three artists reviewed talked about an artist, Daniella Cotton, who plays like AC/DC and sings like Mavis Staples. This to me is good TV, and I started thinking I should look her up. I even brought up her MySpace page, but all the music-sending doodads are blocked by work.

Then, Pribek inspired me to listen to the radio. I'll get into radio later, but I'll say that they talked about a Gin Blossoms show and played the first track from the first Counting Crows album, which fits my definition of "Songs I've Heard A Thousand Times Already". They also mentioned her free afternoon show at a place near downtown.

I want to go.

I have it planned to commute my hour and then pick up my new glasses.

What should I do?


Pribek said...

go to the show
vision is overrated

Dave Jacoby said...

Other concerns, too, but I was tempted. I even forwarded it to a friend.

If I had known even a day earlier, I coulda swung it.

Pribek said...

ah well, everything happens for a reason-that doesn't have to mean a good reason, just a reason.

Stratocat said...

Daniella Cotton is good!!!

This is what I expected from that Amanda Overmyer chick who got bumped off Idol 6 weeks ago.

BTW, Check out and build yourself some stations there. Don't use more than 3 artist seeds per station though. They let ya make 100 of em free.

Between myspace and pandora, I find lots of interesting artists.


Dave Jacoby said...

Just listening on MySpace, I know I missed a show.

Have done Pandora. Dunno if it works at work. Will try.