Wednesday, April 16, 2008

That Was NOT Fun

You work with what you have. And Wednesday Night is not the good gig, Sunday is. I know this.

Pastor is worship leader on Wednesdays. Except not today. The woman who got the nod is a harmony singer, and while she may be a great singer, she's a harmony singer. You don't lead worship by singing harmony, you lead worship by singing lead.

And, she doesn't know all the songs. I don't know all the songs, but I'm not leading worship, so I can have the chord sheet in front of me. She has nothing. So "Wonderful Peace" got pushed to the wayside. Half the set list got canned, but "Wonderful Peace" is a song I know by heart, chords and melody. I can jam on that song. And it went away.

This leads to an uncomfortable situation. It does get worse.

The drummer, one of three in rotation for Wednesdays, doesn't know the songs either. That's OK. He also had headphones with a short. We have in-ear monitors. So he couldn't hear anyone. It's hard to play music with someone who you can't hear. And it's hard to play with a drummer who can't hear anyone.

Normally, when the Pastor's away, the guitarists will play, and I'll play Tele instead of acoustic. I went to acoustic toward the end, because we needed someone to be Mister Strum, and it's my job.

At least we played songs in C and G. Good guitar keys. No E-flat. So, it could've been worse.

But it's rare that I feel that glad the set is over.

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Pribek said...

I think it's great that you have the ability to be "Mr. Strum".
"Mr. Strum" can get you out of a bad place.
The world needs more of "Mr. Strum".