Thursday, April 10, 2008

Rainy Day Suckage, #12 and 35

Tonight, K and I are going to celebrate our anniversary. Hopefully it'll be better than the last time we tried, where I started feeling sick at the restaurant, we skipped the movie, and I spent the next day or two with a bucket or on the pot.

We're going for dinner and a movie. But there's nothing in town, really, that I want to see. There's things that I'm not in the mood for, like Prom Night, and things I wish to avoid with intensity, like Leatherheads. My beloved wanted to see the Tyler Perry movie, but it seems that it's gone.

And yesterday, we got a case at work. A swank new HP case. The quietest PC I've ever started up. All SATA. Everything perfectly arranged. It's the stuff. But, for the purposes it serves, it needs a full-length PCI slot. All 12 inches. And the drive cage butts into 1 of those 12 inches. So, I'm about to do damage to one of prettiest cases I've ever seen.

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