Friday, September 10, 2010

Who's your favorite artist?

I've just finished a compact-disc census, creating a list of all the (non-burned) CDs I own. It's in a database and everything. So, a simple SQL query* tells me how many CDs I have by artist, thus giving a hint at who my favorite artist is.

various artists 72
bob dylan 13
richard thompson 12
the byrds 9
miles davis 8
neil young 7
johnny cash 7
neil young and crazy horse 6
marty stuart 6
dwight yoakam 5
the jayhawks 5
wilco 5
john zorn 5
uncle tupelo 5
junior brown 4
the last poets 4
chris thile 4
stevie ray vaughan 4
the allman brothers band 4
ricky skaggs and kentucky thunder 4
I think this list contains items that everyone expected, as well as items that nobody gets.

* select artist, count(album) as count from compact_discs group by artist order by count desc limit 12

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