Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Up-In-The-Air Life

We are going from a house that's full of expensive to an apartment that's full of cheaper. This should be a good and happy thing. Anyway, I am crazy looking forward to it, but tomorrow much of our stuff will be collected by some people who will auction it. Which should mean money but certainly means I won't have to move it or trip over it anymore. So, yay.

In the mean time, though, I am spending my days serving my community as a juror. Which is about the alpha and omega about what I can say about it.

But, right now, at this moment, I have my PCs shut down and packed up. I just have my netbook and my phone.


Sammy said...

Good luck with your move.

Dave Jacoby said...

Thanks. It's so far, so good. We have a friend's trailer full of stuff for the dump and have taken much to Goodwill.

Mommy's Blog said...

Happy moving and good luck. . . :)