Sunday, September 12, 2010

Maximum PC: just for the articles

I'm a software guy, and for many reasons, I haven't really been able
to focus on hardware for a good long time. Bits and pieces here and
there, sure, like getting a USB Bluetooth dongle so my phone can talk
to my netbook, and of course my netbook, but by and large, I've missed
hardware changes over the last ... oh, let's call it a decade. I
learned about SATA just as the last run of IDE drives was scheduled to
run off the assembly line.

So, reading Maximum PC to me is a bit like reading Playboy. Well,
looking at the pictures, anyway. There's something out there that's
attractive, beautiful, expensive and I will not be able to put my
hands on it this lifetime. (I don't read Playboy, just making a
metaphor.) I'm looking at HDMI being mentioned and I still do not have
a strong sense of what HDMI connects to what. I have used DVI before,
but not often.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of high definition multimedia interface. You can use hdmi to connect about any source to an output. Cable box to hdtv, computer to monitor. A Hemingway cable carries both audio and video so fewer wires.

Dave Jacoby said...

I've even seen that one def of HDMI (1.4) also carries ethernet. Which is way cool and kinda crackmonkey.

Furtheron said...

join the club... I seem to be so out of date these days.