Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Shred, Gordon Freeman!

This is a Logicaster from Black Mesa. Through-body construction, 24 frets, reverse headstock, Steinberger gearless tuners, Thinline-style pickguard and my goodness look at that top!

I'm not too much of a fan of the to-one-side fretboard dots, though. I like centered or nothing, but you know what? I think I could live with it.

The electronics are chosen special, using handwound pickups and top-notch switches and pots.

And not really through-neck, but the explanation is a little on the long side to the point where I mostly get it but can't explain it, so check the explanation here.

It's a looker, and I bet it's a player.


Trey said...

im glad you made the half-life association before i had to.

Dave Jacoby said...

It was a natural.

I had a friend in college who had thick black glasses and a goatee, and looked like a larger version of GF. I gave him a crowbar for a graduation present.

Furtheron said...

I'm with you.... my wife worries when I sit at the computer and say things like "WOW look at the top on that" she generally knows that if she looks over my shoulder it'll be a picture like this not some bimbo in or more likely out of a bikini. She's never quiet sure whether that is a good thing or not :-)