Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Didn't Know That

So, I just got Bill Frisell's Best of, Vol 1., which has a very interesting Tele-style guitar on the cover.
I see a Telecaster neck PU and a PAF-style bridge pickup. Plus really interesting art. So, I want to know more. So, I type "bill frisell telecaster" into my favorite search engine and what do I get?

Bill talking to Fender about his Tacoma baritone? Why would he do that?

Because, it seems, that Tacoma, along with Guild, Gretsch, Ovation and both Charvel and Jackson, (plus a whole lot more) is owned by Fender Musical Instruments Company. 

That's interesting to me.

I knew about Charvel and Jackson. It strikes me kinda like owning both Ferrari and Porsche, as we're talking both major high performance superstrat companies, but whatever.

I thought Tacoma had a string-through bridge so you didn't need bridge pins...

Anyway, that is at least in part, his old Jaguar. Certainly is a Jag neck, and looks like they moved the bridge forward. At least that's what Elliot Easton thinks.

Me? I think we need a bigger picture of that guitar.

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Furtheron said...

Yep the bridge would need moving due to the Jag having a "gibbo" like scale length.