Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What's the subtitle of this blog again?

A little background:

The choir just had their spring concert, which, by the way, was great. I signed on to be a musician for it, but it turned out that there was really no need for a guitarist. Nor drummer, nor bass. Just keys, piano, a couple strings people and some brass. I made the program anyway, which I find funny.

On topic with the choir, normally, when they do a special song and not just acting like a big group of background singers, they do it to a track. This leaves the musicians sitting there, twiddling their thumbs in front of the singers. This is not as good as it could be, so the leader is trying to teach the band to work from lead sheets, not chord sheets, and begin to handle the more complex arrangements that the choir wants.

Anyway, the other guitarist is taking some time away, so I'll be filling in on my off week. Practice was today. So, I showed up and practiced with the other band. Doing two of the choir numbers they're setting up. And the other guitarist was there. (I came early, so I was set up and warmed up well before he walked in.) And they were playing songs I hadn't worked out or even spent much time with, if any.

Also, as it was just after the spring concert, so the choir is taking a break and not working up a special for this week.

(Just to make the point, I play for a church. I don't see the roll of this blog as being a means to evangelize, so I don't bring it up that much, but let's face it, where do you find choirs but churches? Not many places.)

So, I'm there, dazed and confused, getting lost in the lyricless lead sheet for a song I'm just not going to do any time soon.

So I ask.

"What exactly am I doing here?"

It was a good time. I always like hanging with musicians, but really, no, I did not need to be there.

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