Thursday, April 22, 2010

How I Found The Woman Tone, And What I Did To Her When I Found Her

Seems that people who want a shredder guitar that's not a pointy thing want a Super-Strat, not a Super-Tele. So, the guitar to the left, the Charvel San Dimas Style 2, is no longer offered. And, honestly, until recently, I wasn't too interested, either.

Then I saw that Charlie Sexton video. Now, I'm hooked, scouring eBay for 'em. Not that it isn't just dreaming right now.

It's the harmonics solo starting right at 3:00, really. I try to do harmonics and my single-coils are just not high-output enough to make them pop like that. Getting front-and-center harmonics take priority over getting the exact note, because if nobody hears it, what's the point? So, want.

Thing is, I'd want to be able to go back to single coils.

Well, maybe not. But I'd want to have the option to do that, even if I never avail myself of it.

But this guitar is volume and pickup switch only. If it was dual volume, or volume-tone, I'd have separate knobs on which I could install coil taps. And it uses a 3-way Les-Paul style switch instead of a blade switch, so I can't switch a three-way for a five-way go get Ibanez-style coil-tapping on the switch. So, it seems I could only get the tapping if a push-pull could tap both at once, which I don't think it could do, or by adding all sorts of mini-toggles to the front of the instrument, and honestly, who wants a guitar that looks like the control panel on the shuttle?

On another subject, Floyd Rose. I have never had a whammyful guitar as my main guitar. As friend of this blog Patrick says that whenever we play together and I pick up a guitar with a Floyd, I grab the bar, dive bomb the bar, lift the guitar by the bar and bounce it around a while, then proceed to play like it was a hard-tail. I think it's time I start.

In conclusion, want.


Dave Jacoby said...

Patrick: Every time I've ever seen you pick up a guitar with a whammy bar, the first thing you do is whang the whammy bar. Then you pick it up by the whammy bar. Then you start playing, completely disregarding the whammy bar.

patrick said...

As far as the coil-tapping thing goes, this seems to be your answer. It's a toggle switch with three positions in one direction and two in the other. Should fit into the space where a normal LP-style switch fits. I'm kind of surprised I found this before you did.

Dave Jacoby said...

That's cool. I like that. So, between a normal push-pull and that, I can get everything except a tone control, and isn't that why God invented the Cry-baby wah?

Bill Stickers said...

You can coil tap 2 HBs with a single P/P pot. You just wire it well... symmetrically I suppose. Just look up coil splits with a SPDT switch and apply to both sides of the P/P. Your standard DPDT is, after all, essentially two SPDT switches stuck together like siamese twins.
You could try this
Remember however, that that picture done on a P/P standing on it's base would have it coil split when pushed in.