Saturday, April 17, 2010

Check My Math II

In a previous post, I linked to Charlie Sexton's video to "Beat So Lonely", from back in the 80s. Can you believe he was 16 or so when he made that? Anyway, the guitar he uses for the solo, about 3 minutes in, is a Tele-style (neck and body) with a locking nut and 2 humbuckers. Could be Kahler, could be Floyd Rose. Black tuners, black locking nut, black body. Well, could be some other dark color, as it's a black-and-white video. I think I'm seeing volume, tone and a three-way switch in a Strat-like position, but it's so dark and it's black hardware, so it's hard to be sure. Like an ESP M-II but with a Tele-style body. Can anyone tell me anything about it? Anyone have a used one they want to rid themselves of?

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