Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I For One Welcome Our New Staff-Wielding Overlords

I play in a band that backs a choir. Or fronts, take your pick.

(I think I've made it obvious what my gig is.)

And, think of it, most of the time, they back us. The songs where they take the lead, they sing to tape. But we're changing that.

This means we're going from chord sheets to staff. Well, I think the term is lead sheets. Not full orchestration. Which trends toward me needing to learn to read.

I can mostly get pitches. Counting sharps and flats gives you key, Every Good Boy Deserves Favor, and such. But I fail to understand the rhythm of the dots.

I'll have to hit the scanner to go to the example I have. Listening, I hear seven notes. I see ... nine? (I don't have the music in front of me.) I may put up specific examples later but right now, I need general guidance about reading the rhythm of music. Anyone have good pointers?

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