Sunday, June 7, 2009

Status Report

I have two T-style guitars, one 80s MIJ Tele formerly called #1 and now called #5, and one new SX STL50. Previously on this blog, I've gone through the stripping of the neck and the modification of the new pickguard. Now I have applied tung oil to the neck and replaced the dots for abalone. The newest possible news is that I have taken it to my friendly local neighborhood guitar store, where a bone nut will be installed, making this again a perfectly functional instrument again.


This doesn't mean the end of mods. It is actually the beginning of mods. The future of this instrument involves:
  • applying decals on the headstock saying "This is my mod machine", or whatever
  • A better neck pickup
  • A better bridge pickup
  • Perhaps a piezo bridge
  • A Taipan Tone half-bridge, set top-loading or thru-body, to let me body mount like G.E. Smith
  • B-Bender B-Bender B-Bender!
  • Wiring for Baja-like (4-way switch, push-pull volume pot, no-load tone pot)
But I certainly will enjoy the heck out of it in the mean time. Pictures when it comes back.

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