Monday, June 8, 2009

Jackson Bloodlines Tour Hits Indiana

I am not a metal guy, and I haven't been for nearly 20 years. Yeah, of course, you dig out out some AC/DC or Van Halen or Metallica or Iron Maiden, I'm there, but when it comes to things I want to pick up, I'm much more about above-the-nut bends and clean compressed Tele tones than about high-gain, whammy bars, hammer-ons and deep bends. But I like to know what's out there, and I always want to bring more to the table. This is why I went to see John 5 at Sweetwater.

I have always been a fan of Jackson guitars, going back to when they were joined at the hip with Charvel. Jackson is sponsoring the Bloodline seminar tour.
Despite his intense and intimidating appearance, (Product Manager Chris) Cannella is a soft-spoken walking encyclopedia of metal in general and Jackson in particular. Musicians and music fans are invited to join Chris as he demonstrates and explains his lightening-fast guitar techniques, not by using his own gear, but rather whatever's in the store at the time. Additionally, he'll provide tone tricks and overall guitar setup tips.

Cannella will also explain Jackson's dark yet colorful past; explain the brand's unique Bloodline and genre-defining, groundbreaking firsts—such as the advent of the original Rhoads guitar, insane custom paint jobs, and compound radius fingerboards. He'll show how Jackson can find a home in other musical genres, share a little music theory, and discuss soloing styles and speed. Through all of it, he'll open the floor to answer any questions you might have regarding all-things Jackson.

It's cool, comprehensive and captivating. It's Jackson, connecting with musicians at Jackson retailers nationwide.
Now that sounds cool.

Here's the problem: He's at R&R Music in Brownsburg, just west of Indy, on June 24, which is a Wednesday. He is at Sight & Sound Music Center in Muncie on June 25, which might be doable, and he's at Sweetwater for their big GearFest thing, and that's the weekend where Darol Anger will be at Fiddlers' Gathering in Battleground. I don't know what I can swing.

I of course would love to go to all of it.


biska said...
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Pribek said...

"about above-the-nut bends" heh heh.....

Dave Jacoby said...

You have a dirty mind, Jack.