Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Practice and Performance

Tuesday. night, we had practice for Sunday. Drummer[1] wasn't going to be able to play, so instead Drummer[0] came to play. And it was interesting.

Drummer[1] is a young guy, a metal guy. Can do rolls on double drum pedals, and likes to do so. The key to the Thundering Herd, and the reason they build glass cages for drum kits. Drummer[0] ... isn't. He's an older guy, a more mellow guy. Great player, but tasteful. I always like hearing his cymbal work. And you know, that's really a key. One change in players can change a lot. We weren't a hard-charging rock machine with Drummer[0] like we are with the other. It's interesting what one player does.

But that's talkin' about the Sunday band. The Wednesday band was good, too. Of course, it has the same guy on keys and acoustic guitar. I haven't been happy with my acoustic tone, getting too much sizzle, so I used Wednesday to tweak my settings. I also switched to the lighter Fender acoustic strings (.012-.053), which should be nicer to my finger, too.

Also, my Stew-Mac abalone 6mm dots are in. Not just "I have received them". I have installed them. The holes were tight enough that I just had to shove 'em in. No glues necessary.

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