Thursday, January 8, 2009

Played Out Last Night

1) Remember my headphones? Well, I had some sound problems last night. At core, acoustic guitar on Wednesday and not on Sunday, sound guy not available, so I was turned way down at the board. I had my right earbud in and my head turned a little left, playing in soundcheck and trying to munge my gear, and I could barely hear myself. Later, after everything worked out and I could hear, I found myself turning the drummer up. Normally, with the old headphones, I'd turn the drummer all the way down and still have too much drums, because of leak-through.

Them Skullcandy 'phones are a major win.

2) Once we got someone who could mix me in, my new D/I box worked fine. Great, even.

3) During the instrumental parts, the other guitarist and I switched off each verse. First time, he got caught a little flat-footed in the switchover, but he stepped up. Amped-up electric guitar switching with clean acoustic. I would love to hear what it sounded like out in the house.

4) The other guitarist is building a home studio. He has the PC, which has much memory and a 120GB hard drive, which should be fine for now. He has a Tascam 2488 which he would like to use as the front-end for his recording. He's not like me. He's not a geek. He's OK with MIDI and he likes his VG88 and all, but when it comes to computers, he's totally n00b. Can anyone suggest a good, cheap recording package that won't choke on Vista?

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