Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Photos to be provided later

Today, as mentioned, was my birthday, and as a present, I have received what I asked for, a Samson DI box, which I have tested at the weekly-ish jam and know it works.

I had an acoustic, but it had no pickup. So I stood next to a mic, which sucked.

So I got a soundhole pickup which was spring-loaded to stay in the hole, but it tore up the edges, which sucked.

So I got an electro-acoustic guitar with a built-in piezo. And sometimes I played electric. Either way, I was underpowered, which sucked.

So I got myself a pedalboard, which juiced my signal and gave me access to chorus and vibrato and other effects. But still, occasionally the venue-supplied DI box crapped out on me, which sucked.

I have decent cables and decent electronics. But I won't be getting myself an XLR cable.

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Pribek said...

Well Happy Birthday Dave! I thought that was the gist of the other post but, I fear code so I had to look away.
Good luck with the DI and many more to you.