Saturday, December 6, 2008

There's Room To Move As A Fry Cook!

Remember Repo Man? If you weren't a fan of that movie in the 1980s, waiting for it to play again on Night Flight on the USA Network, I wouldn't have liked you.

Alex Cox, the director, followed it with Sid and Nancy, then his career went straight to hell.

"Let's make that wiener boy sing his song!"

And now, Alex Cox is making a sequel, called Repo Chick.

Repo Chick?

Alex Cox is not George Lucas. Alex could make three movies on just the catering budget for the second unit on Phantom Menace. But right now, he has the same capability to wipe his ass with my teenage years as George has shown glee (and compulsive cleanliness) exerting on my childhood.

It can't suck. It cannot be permitted to suck.

But even if it does, it will mean another paycheck for Sy Richardson, and that's nothing but good.

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