Wednesday, December 24, 2008

How Do You Make A Guitarist Turn Down?

My sister gave me a gift certificate. I am now considering my options.

One of the options I am considering is an aid to my guitar skills. I saw the books [Sight-Reading|Fretboard Knowledge|Ear Training] For The Contemporary Guitarist. I am always curious as to whether my knowledge of the fundamentals is sufficiently complete. I am sure I have a mess of music knowledge in my head but only a small amount has reached my hands.

So, my questions are twofold. First, for anyone with familiarity with that series, are they good? Are any of them particularly better than the others? Would you recommend them?

Second, which skill of the three — fretboard knowledge, sight reading, and ear training — would you say gives you the biggest bang for your Amazon buck?

Also, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


Anonymous said...


Furtheron said...

I'd vote in order of preference...

Fretboard Knowledge - above all else know what notes are where is totally a fundamental.
The other two - depends.... if you want to play stuff from music books then the sight reading if you want to learn off recording the ear training.

I used to be okat at the first and have always been pants at the second.

Kenski said...

I'd go with fretboard knowledge, though I think it just takes perseverence rather than book-learning... but if you get the book, do review it :-)