Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What If We Cared All The Time?

I certainly hope that we don't care as much Nov. 5 as we do Nov. 4, because that will mean that the election process broke down again and there's lawyers and judges fighting the election and it is out of the hands of the people.

Most of the time, there's something that the most radical and the most conservative can agree on. Around here, of course, it is music, and a Wilco fan and a fan of Derek Trucks can talk, play their tunes, and find common ground. I've stopped participating in political online forums, because the conversations are so caustic.

But I will be earning my free coffee.

Addendum: Was at the polling place at 6:30am, was inside the building by 6:40am, voted by 7am, went to Wal-Mart and picked up Brad Paisley's Play by 7:10, then went to get the free coffee.


Kenski said...

Ah "we" were lucky with our one vote between us (not technically "mine", obviously). Being out of the country we can vote by absentee ballot, which is easy. Don't even have to leave the house (except to post it).

I often wonder how many more people would make the effort if the system for voting didn't require you to go out of your way or skip work. Hell, they should give everyone the day off!

After last time I'm not going to stay up and watch the counting unfold. I'm just gonna keep the TV turned off, go to bed early and maybe check the internet when I get in to work tomorrow.

Patrick said...

I earned my free coffee, but I went for bagels instead. They weren't free.

MooPig_Wisdom said...

Very cool, you guys. This is a perfect summary of today's event.

I voted with my wife after she got home from work at around 4 PM. Process Start to Finish took about 7 1/2 minutes from house to booth and out.

We didn't know about StarBucks, dang it, but we are glad you all got some.

Kevin said...

I spent all day (5:30 am to about 7:15 pm) at a nearby polling place as an Obama campaign volunteer. This area is very blue, so most of my job was helping the line move as smoothly as possible -- making sure people were at the right polling place, answering questions about eligibility, getting disabled people to the right entrance, that sort of thing -- so that people would stay and vote rather than getting frustrated and leave. We had a 2 hour line when the polls opened at 6, and by midmorning it was 3 1/2 hours. Everyone was voting early, I guess, to avoid the late crowd, so naturally, by 4:30 we were out of people. I'd guess we had no more than 40 voters total in the last three hours.

The second best thing about all this being over is that I can finally put down my clipboard and start playing guitar.