Monday, November 17, 2008

Interesting Mix

I sometimes wear just one headphone, so I might be able to hear the sounds of my environment. A Who song came up on my playlist. "I'm A Boy", specifically. What seemed to be an instrumental take on "I'm A Boy".

It took a good long time for me to wonder if there's a vocal-less take on "I'm A Boy", and if I had ever heard of one, much less heard one.

So I put my other ear on. There's the vocal track.

I'm used to vocals being mixed dead center. In fact, the quick trick to get a karaoke track is to reverse phase on left or right and force it into mono, and the vocals, being identical left-and-right, will phase out and be silenced. A one-sided vocal mix? That's odd. I know they did that on VU's "The Gift", but as it started as a poem/story and the music was added on, so a hard music/words division makes sense there.

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