Monday, July 28, 2008

When the Wheels fall off and Burn

I have family a good day's drive away, and they will be celebrating this weekend. So I will go and celebrate with them. Friday will have me driving toward my family. Monday will have me driving away from my family.

My route to this gathering puts me as going through La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Which is the home of one of the better guitar stores in the Upper Midwest (or so I'm told), Dave's Guitar.

It has been negotiated. I will be visiting Dave's Guitar.

I plan to drool over things. I plan to take bad phone-pics and blog about them. I plan to play something cool.

I haven't planned to find something to do in La Crosse that my wife, who really doesn't love guitars, or my six-year-old, who isn't always patient, would want to do.

But I figure I should do so.

Is there anyone here familiar with La Crosse? Anyone have any ideas?


MooPig_Wisdom said...

I have two "young adult children" in Wisconsin, and two more in Chicago-land. We used to live together in Chicagoland a while back.

Wisconsin is a suburb of North Shore Chicago, and is considered bucolic playgrounds to those who commute from Chi-town back to Wisconsin. What I like most about WI is the true to their nature Wisconsinians: Cheese Heads.

*pause for looking at map*

Well, the terrain in LaC is the Kettle Moraine or remnant debris left from the ice age glaciers. Unfortunately my juniors have to drive fifty miles away from eastern Wisconsin to find their entertainment. One winter I was driving for a company and got into a white out blizzard crossing WI to a Trade show in Minneapolis. *checking* Nope, no snow in the forecast.

The River fest was over on July 8th, but there is a Jazz Fest on Aug 8-10.

I think I just wasted one of your comment spaces. I'm no help here, unless you go river rafting.

Dave Jacoby said...

It is vaguely interesting stuff, but I am talking about a small stop on a 10 hour drive. But thanks for your comment.

Stratocat said...

Dave's must be a pretty big outfit. Wall Street Journal cited some big stats from them in last year's article about the guitar relic phenomenon. Dave is certainly a big Fender dealer.

Dave Jacoby said...

It seems. I know of Dave's from two sources. First, there's the Telecaster Discussion Page, TDPRI. At least two threads listed Dave's as the to-go guitar store in Wisconsin. Then, there's Premier Guitar, which had a podcast with Dave.

Premier is about the closest there is in the guitar mag world to the blogosphere, isn't it? They even had a page on EGR Tele Relic project. And it's good to hear when players independently say great things about a retailer.

One day, I'd like to compare Dave's with Gruhn's and Elderly, but I don't know when I'll get to Detroit and Nashville.