Sunday, June 1, 2008

Why can't I be a 15-year-old musical prodigy?

Earlier this evening, I saw a classical guitarist.

If you want to respect yourself as a guitarist, don't watch classical guitarists.

Her name is Chaconne Klaverenga, and she's the daughter of one of the guitar shop owners' in town.

Isn't she good?

Those pops really drew me out. Bob Brozman says that electric music has killed dynamic range, that this is one of the big benefits of playing acoustic. This is a terrific example.

I dragged out my acoustic when I got home. My dread, not my classical, which should barely count as such. And I re-realized that fingerpicking hurts my thumb, on the edge where it hits the string. And I feel like a wimp. But enough about me and more about her.


Sammy said...

Here are my thoughts: Yes, very talented.

Yes, there's a "but" coming.

But, the song seemed un-musical. I got lost in the technique but the song itself was really unlistenable for me.

Dave Jacoby said...

I grant that. Actually, she grants that. Or something close. She's a competing classical musician. OK, I think that concept is kinda goofy, but there you go. And to compete, you have certain pieces you must learn. This and a few others are pieces that she must play for the competition. And she doesn't like them very much.

This was the one with the bonk that I thought was braces popping loose. The one I was compelled to write about. Check her YouTube stuff. There's some much more musical stuff there.

(Well, maybe not. I didn't listen to them all. I know she can play much more musical stuff. I just can't affirm that she did so in front of the camera. No YouTube @ work and all.)