Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Soup is Weird

Ever watch The Soup? It's on E! and is evolved from Talk Soup. It's a clip show that shows bits of various television shows, most often reality TV or talk shows.

I bring it up because there's a segment called "Let's Take Some E!", which, yes, is a drug reference, but mostly it's a regular segment where they make fun of the shows on the network it's on. Chris Hardwick has a similar role on G4 with Web Soup, except instead of reality show freakouts and talk show hosts making fools of themselves, Web Soup has YouTube videos of ball hits and other grotesqueries instead of Kardashians, but both regularly make very critical statements on the networks that show them.

Which is so weird.

Think of it. Is there anything on Comedy Central saying half of what it airs is crap? SyFy? CNN? CBS? No. Some news sources have ombudsmen, people on staff meant to take the audience's side against the editors and publishers, but they are not normally nearly has critical of their paper/magazine/channel/station/whatever as Joel McHale is about his.

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