Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Angels Want To Play My Red Strat

Well, not really. I don't have a red Strat.

What I do have is a set of Ernie Ball Extra Slinky strings on my top-loader Tele. That's .038 on the low end to .008 on the high end. Effortless playing, I have to say. I have no knowledge about how well they'll last, but right now, they're feeling great.

Ironically perhaps, I have Not Even Slinky strings ( .012-.056 ) on my Rondo. It is set for slide and I keep it tuned to Open D. It takes all kinds, and I love them.


Furtheron said...

.008!!! that is Iommi territory and he has an excuse having lost two finger tips!

I used to be .009 to make it easier on longer scales - i.e. Fenders and my Peter Cook and .010 on Gibsons, my Gordon Smith etc. Then on a homebuilt strat that as .012 and down tuned... Then I went heavy bottom, slinky top on the Peter Cook...

Then I thought!!! To hell with this!!! Bought a big box of .010s as they are much cheaper in bulk and everything is the same now!!! LOL!

Dave Jacoby said...

I get that. I bought the one set of .008s and four sets of .010s, which is what I normally go for on the Tele. I'm sure I'll go back, at least for those four string sets.

But I'm testing out the James Burton/Billy Gibbons/B.B. King for now and I see the attraction.