Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Object Of My Affection

I love classic rock keyboard sounds. The Hammond, the Clavinet, The Wurlitzer, the Vox Continental and of course the Fender Rhodes. I was searching the web while waking up, and I found a mention on Diane Birch's blog of a new Rhodes piano. Yes, they've restarted the Rhodes line. I originally thought "Why didn't anyone tell me?" So I'm telling you. Which made me want to do a rough price comparison with the Nord, which, to my ear, has dead-on perfect Rhodes and Hammond sounds. Just so you know, the Rhodes is running $5000 while the Nord is about half that. If I was touring and making money on it, I'd still want the Rhodes, though.

But, while I was searching, I saw this. The Korg SV-1. What struck me was the tube glowing on the control panel. I know people (Patrick) who would love it just for the tube. And it comers in under both the Rhodes and Nord. I know what's far closer to my price range, but that's what dreaming is for, right?


Mick said...

Nice to know that Rhodes are back in biz. Didn't Fender own the brand? I've been playing Korg keyboards off and on for about 15-20 years and they are for the most part amazing for the price, I've even recorded demo's using they're drum sounds. Nothing like a vintage tone from a Rhodes though!

Dave Jacoby said...

Yeah, Fender owned the brand when CBS owned Fender. I read that someone bought the trademark from Roland and gave it back to Mr. Rhodes, which is cool.

I've heard enough to know that Korg is a reasonable to good name to go with. I've never been a keyboard player, though. I need to get a keyboard! Any working keyboard!