Saturday, March 1, 2008

I wear black on the outside because black is how I feeeeel on the inside....

That is a crappy cellphone pic of my #1, with new black control plate, knobs and black-white-black pickguard. Same old paint chips, but otherwise, it looks fierce to me.

She's a late 80s MIJ Telecaster that came (to me) with a MOTS pickguard that I simply didn't like. The pickguard was a five-hole, so right now, I have 2 screws that don't quite match up and three more where I don't have a screw. I should dig out the MOTS and do a head-to-head, because the new one forced back the control plate a little, so the screws aren't going in straight and true.

Allparts makes a black pickup cover for the neck PU, and Hiphot has the Trilogy bridge. I can make it all black. But I think I'll wait to make those changes until I have stacked humbuckers to stick in.

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