Saturday, October 18, 2014

Walking Bass for "Without God"

This is Robert Randolph from the album Sacred Steel Vol 2: Live! This is before Family Band, before playing with Clapton at Crossroads. My favorite version of this is from the album The Word, which was Robert playing with the North Mississippi All-Stars and John Medeski on organ, where they just pump on this jam for seven minutes. Get the album.

There's a bass part that gets repeated for a long time that goes something like this:
G +------------------------------------
D +--3---------0-1-2-3---------0-1-2-3-
A +----0-1-2-3---------0-1-2-3---------
D +------------------------------------

I could play it for a long time before I got what was going on there.

What's going on is, it outlines an F chord, starting with the octave, dropping to the major third (A), then climbing chromatically through the fourth (Bb), flat fifth (B), perfect fifth (C), jumping to the major sixth (D), minor seventh (Eb), major seventh (E) and back up to F. I hadn't really broken up what else was going on, so in my mind, I was categorizing it as being about the A chord, not the F chord.

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