Thursday, September 29, 2011

Profile of Clarence White on Deft Digits

Joe Walker, Seattle guitarist and blogger at From the Woodshed, has started a new blog at Deft Digits, where he started a series called "Discover a Guitarist". He started out with Stevie Ray Vaughn, deservedly one of the most acclaimed guitarists of the late 20th century. He then opened it up to other musicians, and frend-of-the-blog Stratoblogster wrote up an introduction to the Big Dog, Scott Henderson.

I had to stand up for the Tele after two Strat players showed up, so I entered my discovery of Clarence White, touching on other favorites such as Marty Stuart and Tony Rice. Read, enjoy, and suggest your own favorites. If you find yourself wanting to learn more, I strongly suggest the Adios Lounge multi-part bio.

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