Tuesday, November 30, 2010

More D'oh!

When we left our hero, he had neglected to change his address before ordering a $5 Fender Chorus pedal. He had talked to the vendor and been unable to change the address mid-shipping. Their theory was that the package will not be accepted, be sent back, and I'll be credited.

So, I check the tracking number.


My package was delivered at the house where nobody lives.

So, I called my wife (who has to drive near the old place to pick up my middle kid at school) and had her look, and sure enough, my package is on the doorstep.

I'll be trying it out tonight.


Furtheron said...


Sammy said...

Where did you find a $5 pedal?? (Or did you mean $50?)

Sammy said...

I guess the d'oh is on me! I missed the previous post.

Dave Jacoby said...

Sam Ash online on Black Friday. TDPRI told me about it. And yes, FIVE dollars.