Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More on that Unpaid Endorsement

You can see the bevel I've generated. The tip of the pick looks kinda like "\". I understand why they went with the black block rhino, because while this wears like rhino horn, the image doesn't. I swear and affirm it's a 1mm, even though the text on the pick is long gone.


Sammy said...

My only real problem with these picks is the color. They're all the same color and that color gets totally lost on most wooden surfaces or carpet.

The Dunlop nylon picks are color-coded so you can quickly grab the right gauge out of your tin.

I sent Dunlop an email regarding this issue and they sent me a bag of free, assorted picks.

Dave Jacoby said...

I'm with you on the color, but it's pretty much the same color as the Clayton Gold picks they're largely copies of, and that gives some provenance. If they could look like, for example, Fender tortoiseshell picks, and still feel like Rhino picks, that would be something.

There is something to the color coding. Dunlop is pretty cool.

patrick said...

One night I was playing at the church, playing my big dreadnought 12-string, and I couldn't find an Ultex pick so I played with a cheapo plastic one. By the end of the set there were red plastic shreddies all over my hands and the guitar. The point was completely worn off.
I never went back to the "20 for a buck!" pick barrel after that.