Saturday, March 6, 2010

Weisenborn into the Future

Behold the Halua, a Weissenborn-style lap steel, made of carbon fiber.

Man, isn't that dead sexy?

And practical, too, since you can paddle between islands with it. B)

I see more and more of this carbon fiber stuff, starting with the nice but rock-heavy Rainsong guitars of a decade or more back. And, of course, the rounded back points back to the Ovation, although it probably works better for a lap-sitting instrument than for a spanish-style guitar. Seriously, I've played a few and none of them have stayed comfortably on the leg.

It looks like you can only get 'em through eBay. $2000, except this one is pre-owned and costs about a K less. I'd find places to play this. I'd adapt songs from the Matrix soundtrack for slack key. Something.

Incidently, the maker's got a Flickr gallery for the next generation prototype.

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